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“Swapping over to the RCA TVs from our current supplier has been a win-win situation since the first day we started buying them. We had two different brands in this hospital and every time we had a power outage or a generator test we would have to change out about 15 TVs due to failures. I don’t know if the RCA units have a better power supply, or are just better quality but I have not had to change one out yet and it has been three years since we opened the doors to our new hospital.
We have just about got our whole original hospital changed over to the RCAs (over 200 units!) and our mechanics love these TVs because they are so easy to program. Using a flash drive to clone the TVs is another added bonus for not having to buy another $200 cloning device. The pricing is extremely competitive, and that two year full replacement warranty just seals the deal as far as we are concerned! Overall I would recommend the RCA brand to anyone looking for healthcare or commercial grade TVs!”

Wayne Cook
Site Supervisor
Methodist Germantown
Germantown, Tennessee

“Overall, I have been impressed with this brand for a variety of reasons. In the past I have had quite a few issues with other vendors in regards to warranty issues, out of stock issues, pricing, etc. Since working with the RCA units, I am happy to report that all of those things are now non-issues!
What I have found to be most helpful are things like the outstanding two year full replacement warranty (best in the industry!), the instant availability of the TVs, the ease of programming and installation, picture quality, non-glare surface, competitive pricing, and just as important… sales and customer support.
The RCA brand of televisions has had a big impact with me and my crew in regards to time saved as well as specific cost savings. Over the past few years, we have purchased several hundred of the RCA units, and I would highly recommend this brand.”

Joe Haywood
Facilities Manager
The Regional Medical Center at Memphis
Memphis, Tennessee

“I wanted to let you know how pleased we have been with the sales and service of the 730+ RCA healthcare LCD TVs we have purchased over the last two years. While we researched many companies and suppliers, it was obvious that your product & more importantly your service, as well as cost competitiveness is what drove our decision to go with your company.”

Gary Fowler
Baptist Memorial Hospital
Memphis, Tennessee

“I have been ordering the RCA TVs for over a year now, and I have purchased quite a few. The picture is fantastic, and you would not believe just how easy these TVs are to program (compared to others). The hospital grade TV is so easy to mount and program it’s amazing. I wish I would have known earlier about them. It takes all of about two minutes to program. Also, I cannot beat the price, and the warranty is unheard of. Two year replacement (not repair) is great for our facility.”

Michael McCool
Lead O&M Specialist
Methodist South
Memphis, Tennessee

“While we couldn’t outfit the entire hospital at once, we targeted a couple of areas that were scheduled for renovation as the place to start replacements of CRT sets with flat-screen models. Everyone told us that their sets were compatible with our in-house video system, so we decided to benchmark different brands. The RCA sets have noticeably better picture quality, and they really are compatible with our Skylight system. And so far we’ve purchased more than 550 of them.”

Ken Browning
Vanderbilt University Hospital
Nashville, Tennessee

“We’re definitely very happy. We did try other brands, but I like the RCA sets for a couple of reasons. First, we’re in a commercial setting and we mount them to the wall. The RCA sets have an advantage of being lighter than other brands we looked it. And in terms of picture quality, RCA is quite good. In our setup, we have an analog TV distribution system. So we have to maximize what we’ve got with the best possible sets.”

Dana Poff
Scottsdale Healthcare
Scottsdale, Arizona

“We originally chose another brand, and we had more problems with them. The sound would go off and the TVs would reboot with the connection to our nurse call system. Sets were going on and off, and it created a lot of problems with patients. But then we switched to RCA, and we’ve been very happy. The biggest advantages with RCA for us are fewer problems, a good picture, and fewer complaints from patients. We’re replacing sets 20 at a time, as a wing of the hospital is being remodeled.”

Andy Burton
Baptist Memorial
Memphis, Tennessee

“As compared to other makes, the picture quality is very good with RCA. Costwise, RCA was very close – and in fact RCA was a little less expensive. In our particular situation, this whole system was better for us because we have solid ceilings and could not hardwire from speakers to the TV. So the infrared speaker option was ideal for us. We’ve found that by having the speaker near the bed it reduces the noise level, which makes a much nicer environment for staff and for patients.”

Craig Koff
Vi Living at Lakeside Village
Lantana, Florida

“There are a couple of things that impressed us with RCA: the picture quality is good and programming to make the sets work with our system is very simple. We like the extended warranty we got with the RCA TVs. We’ve purchased almost 500, and we’re putting them in all patient rooms. Right now, we’re installing six per week.” “Customizing the RCA TVs is very easy because you do it once and save it to a USB thumb drive. You just set up your original TV and then download the settings to the thumb drive. That makes it easy to clone the programming throughout the hospital. It saves time and cost.”

Don Hubele
St. Vincent Hospital
Indianapolis, Indiana

“When I first arrived at Saint Francis Hospital 2 ½ years ago I knew my top priority was going to be selecting a flat panel television. I knew I wanted televisions that were easy to program, a good warranty, readily available, and great picture quality. After sampling four different televisions, I knew RCA was the one I wanted. As of today, the only televisions installed in my hospital are RCA’s. The quality of RCA is by far the best in the industry.”

Joe Stark
Saint Francis Hospital
Evanston, Illinois

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