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J42CE820 Specs
J32CE820 Specs
J26CE820 Specs
J22CE820 Specs
J55BE220 Specs
J40BE220 Specs
J32BE220 Specs
J22C760 Specs
J26C700 Specs
J32C750 Specs
J42C750 Specs


J12H770 Specs
J42HE840 Specs
J32HE840 Specs
J26HE840 Specs
J22HE820 Specs
J32DE220 Specs
J26DE220 Specs
J22DE220 Specs
J22H760 Specs
J26H700 Specs
J32H700 Specs
J42H750 Specs


J32LE740 Specs
J42LE840 Specs
J32LED750 Specs
J42L750 Specs



Electricity Cost Calculator

Find out just how much your electronics are costing you per year. Enter the device’s wattage, how many hours it’s in operation per day, and your local cost per kilowatt hour.

Note: Device wattage can usually be found by checking the product’s tags, user manual, or through creative Googling.

Note: 11ยข is the approximate national average cost of electricity per kilowatt hour. Check your electric bill for your local cost if you want a more accurate estimate.

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