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Please contact the correct company from the list below.

  • RCA Tablet Product Support: 800-252-6123
  • RCA Consumer LED TV Support: 888-977-6722
  • RCA Audio / Video Product Support: 800-433-7316
  • RCA Digital Audio Product Support: 866-449-7112
  • RCA Accessories: 800-645-4994
    (MP3, iPod Docks, Clock Radios, Universal Remotes, Digital Antenna, etc…)
  • RCA DVD Product Support: 866-444-6478
  • RCA Commercial Product Support: 800-722-2161
    (TV’s and LED lighting only)
  • RCA Accessory Product Support: 800-264-8854
  • RCA Telephone Product Support: 800-511-3180
  • RCA MSNTV Product Support: 800-722-9599
  • RCA DRC8335 Product Support: 877-805-0519

The form below is only for RCA Commercial products. If any non-commercial products are requested or submitted below, you will not receive an answer. If you purchased your product from a retail store, please go to and find the correct site for support of your product. This form is NOT a submission location for corporate complaints, and they will not be seen.


This form is for Commercial Customers ONLY! All other requests will not be acknowledged.


For product and information inquiries: